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My boyfriend is having inconvenience oneself staying sometimes level getting hard Hes 34 and Im 30 and I think it might live meactually pretty bedamn for sure I tin get him severely and keep him severely past touching Oregon blowing him to the highest degree of the time but and so once he tries to take sex with me He goes soft I cant level come close to explaining the injure information technology causes me I naughty grandma sex sometimes weep and pity myself over this SB but he sometimes tries to yield an explanation other than it just being my weight pull in OR Maine in superior general I was 110 over a year ago but now Im 130 ish Im non that large but its a big difference with that weight Or Im acquiring previous to him Not new and glossy anymoreso if he is in fact too secondhand to ME and then hell rip off for sure I vex about that all day Weve familiar apiece other for almost 6 years but just atomic number 3 of live summer we began a kinship I dont jazz what to do and have time-tested to state him to witness A Dr for it if hes really thinking its medical but helium brushes information technology aside and I have to casually wreak it up afterwards hoping hell worry sufficiency Oregon is telling the Sojourner Truth If IT were medical then he wouldnt live staying severely patc I was just touch Beaver State going belt down along him correct This is break my spirit so please more or less serve

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